Over 50 years of passion for a job well done

Intuition, vision and family passion: the values which – over the course of the last 50 years or so in business – have helped Poliplast become a reference company in the plastic furnishing accessory sector.

In fact, it was back in the 70s that Narciso Bevilacqua – the company’s founder – first decided to invest in a material destined to become an integral and essential part of the company’s manufacture of high-quality, practical and designer knobs, handles and accessories.


By dint of Narciso Bevilacqua’s initiative, Poliplast was founded in the spring of 1970, when he decided to bring the family’s entrepreneurial vision to fruition. The pioneering adventure began in a disused cellar in Mansuè, Italy, and this was where Narciso printed his first plastic items. The company’s first order – a toy component – was produced by means of two used presses and the help of a part-time operator. In the meantime, Narciso capitalised on the experience he had garnered in the furniture sector and strengthened relationships with the local furniture makers; by promoting his plastic solutions for components traditionally only made in wood and/or metal, Narciso was able to further develop the business. Furthermore, Narciso encouraged his family members to get involved with the business right out of the gate; a distinctive characteristic that became part and parcel with Poliplast’s way of doing business.


The business expanded significantly during the 80s, due to an increase in demand and Poliplast’s ability to provide innovative, high-quality solutions. More employees were hired and in 1986, the factories were expanded for the first time in order to strengthen the fleet of machinery and add new presses. Promotion abroad was also intensified. Eastern European countries were the first to show signs of interest and as a result, Narciso established collaborative relationships with Hungarian, Polish and former Czechoslovakian and Yugoslavian operators. This propensity to export has and will always be a constant in Poliplast’s commercial approach, resulting in the company operating in various countries around the world. The 80s also saw the arrival of Rosa and Narciso’s youngest children: Elisa and Davide.


During the 90s, the company’s efforts turned towards technological innovation and increasing the quality of the products offered. Innovative painting procedures – such as Cubik painting – were implemented, new finishes and materials were experimented with, and the fleet of machinery was expanded to include two-colour presses and the introduction of assembly robots. In 1990, the “finished product warehouse” took shape in order to speed up delivery times and offer a better service to the customers. Furthermore, 40 employees now worked for Poliplast (compared to the meagre 6 in the 70s). As new technologies began being introduced, the types of items produced also increased: in addition to expanding upon the handle and knob ranges, furniture feet and packaging accessories were also launched.


The turn of the century saw Poliplast engaged in the search for new markets. The company’s high-quality production results, commercial dynamism and “Made in Italy” design determined its success, as the company reached and began supplying 39 countries worldwide. At the same time, extensive resources were invested into the design of new product lines, where design was fundamental when it came to satisfying the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market; with this in mind, Poliplast enlisted the help of specialist designers, such as Angelo Vaghi, to design handles, knobs and feet with modern yet functional lines.



Despite the unstable economic situation, caused by the global financial crisis of 2009, Poliplast continued its business development plans by further expanding the fleet of machinery and the surface areas of the production plants – increasing them to over 3000 sqm – which allowed for an annual yield of 40 million pieces. It was during these same years that the company also began pursuing a green vision; this was evidenced by the construction of a photovoltaic system with a 55.5 kWp peak power, which supplied clean energy to the production facilities. Likewise, the company’s air conditioning is also supplied by a biomass system with ultra-low harmful emissions (as far as the environment is concerned).


Thanks to the company’s over 50 years of experience, Poliplast is now preparing to face the challenges dictated by globalisation. The company is doing so by automating its production processes (including the recent installation of automated warehouses for finished products and moulds), and constantly searching for innovative design solutions and new products. The digitalisation process has also been advanced (from both a management and communication point of view) and strengthened by the company’s participation in the industry’s major trade fairs (resumed after the pandemic). The work started by Narciso all those years ago is now being pursued by his heirs who, with renewed dynamism, continue to export and enhance the Made in Italy values all over the world.

The productive reality
of Poliplast

The Poliplast plant is spread over an area of ​​4,500 m² where there are 16 robotically operated injection presses, an automated painting department and a robotic system for storing and loading the molds. The whole production is subsequently stored in a 2,500 m² size warehouse entirely mechanized. A modern and renovated internal showroom offers our customers the opportunity to view and touch all the Poliplast products and finishes with their own hands.


the factory size in m²


fully robotic injection molding machines


automated painting department


entirely mechanized warehouse size in m²


robotic system for mold storage and loading


Italian Passion
for quality

We put passion into everything we do: from the selection of the materials to the design, from the production to the quality control. We have always designed and produced in Italy, ensuring an added value of design and quality, cooperating with specialized designers and preserving the “made in Italy” value in the world.

A high quality level, an ongoing technological innovation and a competitive price are the necessary ingredients to offer a high quality and refined Poliplast product. The range of Poliplast products is constantly updated and expanded, and the models are designed to match any kind of location. Designing our items we express the best of Italian style, with shapes that capture the attention and give the possibility of using the product in a easy way.


The New

By means of their 2022 catalogue, Poliplast is offering a series of items to industry professionals that respond to the market’s various style, function and production-related needs.

We propose “design” solutions for various settings, in the hope that you will be able to find the right product – among the vast range – to satisfy your expectations.

We hope you find what you’re looking for!

catalogue 2023 download

Green vision

Working with plastic and talking about being environmentally-friendly seems like an oxymoron but it isn’t: in fact, this material generates durable items that, unlike disposable products, are not thrown away with household waste, and more importantly, we endeavour to use and process this material in a responsible and smart way.

As a result, here at Poliplast, all plastic remnants and scraps are reintroduced into the production cycle, thereby preventing the accumulation of waste that is harmful to the environment, whilst also using less hydrocarbons.

A good example of the virtuous use of resources.

Renewable energies

Since 2009, the Poliplast factory has boasted a photovoltaic system that generates clean solar energy and is used to supply electricity to the production machinery. We have also turned to renewable energy to heat the various environments, by means of a biomass generator. We essentially strive to avoid the use of fossil fuels for our energy needs, in the name of a truly sustainable economy.





Poliplast products are proposed by logic of shape, material or use in order to suggest the most rational and rewarding use.


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