The Italian factory

good teamwork


Poliplast is a world of attention: of care to the details that compose the environments in  which we live everyday, research into the most befficient solutions, passion for every single step  of a project.
Of the devotion to the main objective of our work: the wellbeing of man. Italian design and style, innovation and research,  attention to ecology and to the everyday life of  people: every single element is a fundamental and inevitable ingredient of Poliplast, a blend of 
efficiency and humanity, of technology and personal  commitment, productivity and human relations. 
A way to live life that starts from the décor  accessory that contributes to the daily wellbeing of people.

All of this is Poliplast Beats.



Poliplast is a world made of humanity and commitment, participation and dedication.

The feature that distinguishes us is the passion we put into everything we do: from the selection of the materials, to the design, production, and quality control.






A bit of history

Poliplast was founded in 1970 by a happy intuition of the founder Narciso Bevilacqua who, with passion and determination, has revolutionized the way of conceiving decor accessories, introducing polymers as a construction raw material.

After more than forty years, that passion is still on, a life beat that allows us to offer our customers the best in design and implementation of knobs, handles and feet of quality, complements which, in addition to performing their natural function, are able to elicit an emotion, a throb to the heart.