antique finishes:
antique metal better
than the real thing

Poliplast is happy to present an exclusive novelty in the world of furniture accessories: antique finishes for knobs, handles and feet in plastic.

Thanks to an innovative production process we are able to unite the striking aesthetic aspects of "used metal" with the practical, resistant and ergonomic qualities of plastic material.

Striking, the similarity to metal. So true also to the touch, one could innocently
proclaim "It is better than the real thing!".




In the process of aging, Poliplast provides three different base colours: bronze, copper and iron.





True to the touch

The peculiarity of the antique finishes lies in the distinct characteristic of the tactile perception of the surface.
In an antique article Poliplast has infact reproduced also the porous and roughness effect typical of oxidised and aged metal.